Our Classes

Teenagers and Adults

We offer weekly classes for adults and teenagers; these classes can be attended by people of all ages. Classes are fun, informative and challenging. These classes comprise of warm up, stretching, pad work, patterns, and kicking techniques. The main purpose of these classes is to take students from White Belt to Black Belt.


This is a great class for children aged between 6 - 11 yrs old. The classes encourage the children to improve concentration, self-discipline and self-control. As well as addressing the mental side of a child's development, Taekwon-Do also helps and improves children's physical development. The different components of Taekwon-Do make it an essential part of any child's after school programme. All children follow the ITF grading syllabus and work towards the ultimate goal of Black belt.

Childrens Classes
Stoke Poges


This class is available to children aged 4 - 6 yrs and is a great way to get energetic children to learn to focus. Here we use Tae Kwon-Do to begin to shape the children in to disciplined and well-rounded children. The children follow specially designed programme to give them all the skills to be a Black belt. Once they have demonstrated there competence in this class, they will be graduated in the Children’s Class where they work through the grades to Black belt.

Tots Classes
Chorleywood Taekwon-Do

Self Defence

Our Self-defense programme’s are suitable for student’s members of the public. We feel it is important to be able to offer courses that will suit individuals and businesses.

Personal Training

For those who prefer Instruction on a one-to-one basis, a chance to go through the finer details of Taekwon-Do under expert guidance at your convenience.