This page contains news articles from all of our Taekwon-Do schools across North London, Rickmansworth and Stoke Poges.

On Friday the 7th July-9th July, 10 members of Total TKD took part in the international Instructors Course (IIC) in Manchester.


The course was conducted by Grandmaster Marano, Grandmaster Lan and Master Pierre Le Querre. It was very informative and primarily focussed on Step Sparring, free Sparring, self defence, patterns, warmups and stretching techniques. Well done to all of those who participated.

On 6th May, nearly 100 TOTAL TKD students came along to York House School to take part in two special seminars with one of the most highly respected Grand Masters in ITF Taekwon-Do.


Grand Master Lan took the students through a series of fun warm up routines, followed by funcdamental exercises, patterns and self defence. One of the highlights of the day was understanding GM Lan's mental approach to Taekwon-Do which was invaluable to all those who attended.

All of the information was well received by the TOTAL TKD instructors and black belts and we hope to welcome GM Lan back to England again in the future.

To see the pictures from the event please visit the gallery.

Reported by Master Symonds

On Sunday 29th April TOTAL TKD Instructors met at Croxley Taekwon-Do school to take part in this years instructors course and meeting.


On the day Master Symonds covered Patterns and working on different techniques to teach patterns to the students. We looked at designing a new one step sparring syllabus which will be brought into the group this year as well as reviewing the two and three step sparring to ensure standardisation across the group.

The instructors meeting followed this training session. At this meeting we congratulated the following for their work within the group this year.

  • Mr Kubicki for opening TOTAL TKD Watford
  • Mr Hourican for opening TOTAL TKD Chorleywood (Adults)
  • Mr Ayman for the success of the ACE/Elite program
  • Miss Wilson for improving the website
  • Mr Chapman for TOTAL TKD publications

On Sunday 2nd April, 26 members of TOTAL TKD arrived at Southgate Taekwon-Do School to participate in the Spring Black Belt grading.


13 candidates were going for promotion and 13 were pre-grading. All candidates were tested on patterns, sparring, step-sparring, self defence, breaking and theory. We are pleased to say that there were 9 successful candidates:

  • Nathan Smith promoted to 3rd Degree
  • Chris Hourican promoted to 3rd Degress
  • Joe Digweed promoted to 2nd Degree
  • Rhianna Dowdswell promoted to 2nd Degree
  • Chanelle Kelly promoted to 2nd Degree
  • Troy Sampath
  • Michael Siderides
  • Mahaajay Bhaga
  • Zach Browne

On Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th March members of TOTAL TKD attended the English Open Championships 2017 in Guildford. The event was, as always, well attended and the standard very high with many national team members competing.


The practice at the ACE & Elite training sessions paid off with medals being won in every discipline. A special 'well done' to Heemy for winning Gold for TOTAL TKD and those that competed for the first time. The success in the Sparring was down to the hard work of the students plus the coaching and encouragement of Master Symonds, Miss Wilson and Mr Ayman.

Medals were received by the following competitors: Mrs Rebecca Van Doimen (sparring), Miss Laura Jones (sparring), Mr Heemy Kalam (special technique), Mr Nicholas Ray (sparring), Miss Rea Gopaul (sparring), Bradyn Man (sparring), Sohaib Sirhan (sparring), Luicia Antoniou (sparring), Annabella Man (sparring), Rudra Dubey (sparring), Meyhir Johar (sparring), Akil Ogunlabi (special technique, sparring), Ayah Akunjee (sparring), Raya Akunjee (sparring) , Nussrah Akunjee (sparring), Imani Ogunlabi (sparring), Frankie Moody (sparring), Zakaria Bentaouti (sparring)

Thursday 9th March 2017 TOTAL TKD Highest Ranking Student 5th Degree Miss Carly Wilson and Assistant Instructor Miss Laura Jones visited Wood Green Taekwon-Do School to put students through intense rapid competition mode.


Miss Wilson and Miss Jones, both delivered a very rapid warm up to all students, this was followed by some 'mind bending' patterns whereby students were performing 4 directional punch, block, Chon-Ji (backwards, including sinewave too).

Students were then split into groups and as groups competed against each other to perform patterns backwards (optional patterns were selected by each group).

Miss Wilson and Miss Jones, then joined by all Black Belts displayed group patterns 1st Degree and Colour Belts Patterns too (several students then presented patterns alongside Black Belts too - this time in normal forward direction not backwards!).

This was followed by rapid short sharp quick sparring competition sparring team groups against groups, which was enjoyed by all.

Closing Miss Wilson and Miss Jones, both took questions and answers for competition focus, advice and tips, in addition mentioning how to work as teams supporting each other too.

After such 'mind bending' pressure of patterns backwards, the students then enjoyed a treat to replenish by visiting and sharing food (good quality too) at Nandos Wood Green.

A really good surprise visit and enjoyed by all, on behalf of all students from myself Wood Green Instructor Mr Malik Ayman thank you both for taking the time to share with our members to enhance our overall group with insights and support, really appreciated thank you both Taekwon.

Report written by Instructor Mr Malik Ayman 4th Degree

Sunday 5th March 2017, TOTAL TKD held its 4th session of ACE ELITE competitors training session at Wood Green Taekwon-Do School.


The session was led by Instructors & Coaches, Mr Malik Ayman 4th Degree and Mr Nathan Smith 2nd Degree,the session began with intense warm up full body drills, followed by leg drills kicking and stretching, which was followed by sparring pads on and drills combinations sparring in pairs and closed with continuous sparring drills - all members were tested to a high standard and some really good progress to develop was noted from the students by both coaches.

Mr Nathan Smith then closed the session with questions and answers allowing for the members to make notes and take insights from his journey to training for both local, national and International competitions and the requirements.

Our next competition is the UK Open Taekwon-Do competition which all students are looking forward to 18th/19th March 2017

Report written by Instructor Mr Malik Ayman 4th Degree

On Saturday 18th and Sunday the 19th February 11 ACE & Elite members of TOTAL TKD traveled to Swindon to compete at the PUMA International Championships.


The standard of the competition was very high and was a good test for the the students who competed in both Patterns and sparring. In the build up to the competitions the ACE & Elite members have been attending regular squad training with Master Symonds, Miss Wilson and Mr Ayman. It was clear to see that a lot of progress has been made by all members and some of the performances were outstanding. I would like to congratulated the following members that took part and those that went on to medal.

Black Belts

  • Laura Jones - Silver 2nd degree patterns
  • Rebecca van Doiman - Bronze patterns & Silver parring
  • Joe Digweed - Silver sparring
  • Adam Safi - Bronze sparring
  • Nicholas Ray - Silver sparring
  • Heemy Kalam - 4th in 1st degree patterns
Colour Belts
  • Frankie Moody - Silver patterns

Congratulations to the following for taking part - Lucia Antoniou, Ellie Weeks, Brayden Man, Annabella Man

Sunday 5th February saw 70 TOTAL TKD members coming to train at York House school for the 2nd ACE/Elite session and 1st Red/Black belt seminar of 2017.


The first session covered sparring and pattern competition fundamentals preparing students for upcoming competitions, and was delivered by the coaching team of Master Symonds, Miss Wilson and Mr Ayman.

In the following two hours, 50 red and black belts lined up for the first Red and Black belt seminar of the year conducted by Master Symonds. The session was well received and enjoyed by all. It was a detailed session covering pattern technique up to 4th degree. We are looking forward to seeing everyone at the next event.

On 29th January 2017 Master Symonds was re-elected as a Director of ITF England.


This will be his 6th consecutive term having first become a director in 2006. The members and instructors of TOTAL TKD would like to congratulate him on this achievement.

On Sunday 4th December Instructors, black belts, students and spectators gathered a York Hose school Croxley green, for the TOTAL TKD Inter-club Competition/ Annual awards.


The competition was a great success with 80 students competing in Patterns, Sparring and Special technique. There were many good performances with competitors such as Lucia Antonio and Brayden Man winning 3 gold medals each. A special thanks is extended to the 25 black belt officials that ensured the smooth running of the event in a very professional manner. Thanks also to the 120 spectators that donated the £3 spectator fee to our chosen charity, as we were able to raise over £360 for cancer research in memory of Marcia Griffith.

Once the competing was over all competitors received their certificate of participation and the medals for each division were awarded. The student of the year awards were then presented to students from the following schools; Southgate, Croxley, Stoke Poges, Kentish Town, Wood Green, Wembley, Hadley Wood, Chorleywood and Finchley. Black belt certificates were presented to Mr Ayman, Mitchell Wiggins and Tom Campbell on there respective recent promotions. There were also three special awards that were presented by Mrs Griffiths (mother of Master Symonds); Instructor of the Year Miss Kelly, Long service to teaching award for Mr Ayman and The Marcia Griffith award for outstanding contribution to TOTAL TKD for Miss Wilson.

On Saturday 3rd December, five members of TOTAL TKD assembled at Southgate Taekwon-Do school to be tested for their respective promotional grading. The grading was conducted by Master Symonds and assisted by Miss Bowie 4th degree, Mr Da Silva 4th degree and Mr Ayman 4th degree.


The grading focused on Patterns, Self defense, Traditional sparring, Breaking and theory with all candidates demonstrating a high standard in all areas.

We would like to formally congratulate Miss Wilson for becoming the first TOTAL TKD member to go from white belt to 5th degree, to Mr Chapman for his promotion to 4th degree and to Miss Jones, Miss Harrison and Mr Kubicki on their promotion to 2nd degree. Well done to you all.

On Friday 25th November, senior members of TOTAL TKD took part on the International Instructors Course in Paris. The course was conducted by the ITF Technical Committee headed by GM Marano along with GM Lan and Master McPhail, and was attended by 230 black belts and 20 Masters from all over Europe.


The course was very informative with new techniques and information gathered by all members over the weekend.

Well done to Master Symonds, Miss Wilson, Miss Bowie, Mr Ayman and Mr Chapman for attending the course.

On 12 November 2016 TOTAL TKD's Maia Harrison (1st Degree) and Laura Jones (1st Degree) from the Southgate school competed in The UK Open, and won Bronze in the Patterns (1st and 2nd Degree category) and also a Bronze in Sparring.


Special thanks to Mr Wayne Burns (4th Degree) of ITF Fusion and England who provided coaching support for the Sparring.

Instructor and Coach Miss Carly Wilson 4th degree Black Belt, visited Wood Green Taekwon-Do School on Thursday 10th November 2016.


All grades from White Belts up to and including Black Belt students demonstrated their current and previous grade patterns and Miss Wilson then gave feedback on the execution of techniques and the purpose of each movements.

Wood Green Taekwon-Do students were then taken through a basic introduction to foot sparring and the application of the movements.

At the close Miss Wilson then took questions from several of the students, also stressed how important additional regular exercise is for Taekwon-Do development and finally how it is important to regularly practice the basic movements and stretches.

Wood Green Taekwon-Do School Instructor Mr Malik Ayman 4th degree Black Belt, thanked and gained insights from Miss Wilson and also emphasised that learning is a continual process.

A Black Belts only session then took place after with Miss Wilson 4th Degree including Mr Ben Musker 1st Degree, Mrs Rebecca Van Doimen and class Instructor Mr Malik Ayman 4th Degree, covering some Black Belt patterns with technical insights and self-defence with Miss Wilson 4th Degree.

Report written by Instructor & Coach Mr Malik Ayman 4th Degree Black Belt.

On Saturday 29th October 2016, 16 students from TOTAL TKD's Finchley, Southgate and Wood Green Schools attended the ETA Rose Cup, held in East London. They were coached by Chief Instructor Master Symonds 7th Degree, Miss Carly Wilson 4th Degree and Mr Malik Ayman 4th Degree and brought home a fantastic 14 medals. The event was attended by competitors from all over the United Kingdom.


Huge congratulations to the following TOTAL TKD participants and medal winners:

  • Miss Carly Wilson, 4th Degree - Gold in patterns
  • Nathan Smith, 2nd Degree - Gold in sparring
  • Maia Harrison, 1st Degree - Gold in sparring, silver in patterns
  • Laura Jones, 1st Degree - Gold in patterns, bronze in sparring
  • Nicholas Ray, 1st Degree - Silver in sparring, bronze in patterns
  • Abdul Raheem Kalam, 1st Degree - Silver in patterns
  • Bradyn Man, Black Tag - Gold in patterns
  • Mihika Athavale, Red Belt - Gold in patterns
  • Lucia Antoniou, Red Tag - Bronze in sparring
  • Eliana Weeks, Red Tag - Bronze in sparring
  • Annabella Man, Blue Tag - Silver in sparring
  • Adam Safi, 1st Degree
  • Rebecca Van Doimen, Black Tag
  • Kyri Weeks, Blue Belt
  • Barcha Mikculova, Green Belt
  • Rudra Dubey, Green Belt

Special thanks to Master Symonds, Miss Carly Wilson and Mr Malik Ayman for their encouragement and support during the training sessions and on the day. It was a brilliant experience for all and we are looking forward to the next competition where we hope to do even better.

On 11 October 2016 TOTAL TKD's Miss Wilson (4th Degree), Maia Harrison (1st Degree) and Laura Jones (1st Degree) travelled to Budapest, Hungary to attend the 6th ITF Taekwon-Do World Cup. The event was very well attended with 1,850 competitors from 236 schools/clubs and 58 countries.


On Wednesday all three competed in Patterns. Unfortunately there were no medals won. However Miss Wilson performed Sam-Il and Hwa-Rang and was placed 5th-8th, just narrowly missing out on a bronze medal, in her category of 27 ladies.

On the following day Maia competed in a 33-strong pre-Junior (12-14 year old) Sparring category. Maia also narrowly missed out on a bronze medal and she too was placed 5th-8th. An absolutely fantastic achievement for only her second international competition.

On the Friday Laura competed in the Junior (15-17 year old) Sparring category. She was the youngest in her category and placed an impressive 9th-16th and was just a few seconds away from winning her final bout.

Well done to Miss Wilson, Maia and Laura.

Miss Wilson competing in Patterns

Maia competing in Sparring

Laura competing in Sparring

Maia and Miss Wilson after Sparring

Laura and Miss Wilson after Sparring

On Sunday October 16 TTKD members from Sougthgate, Wood Green, Stoke Poges, Croxley Green and Wembly Schools met at Southgate Taekwon-do school for black belt grading / Pre-Grading.


The candidates were split into groups relative to their grade and put through their paces with Master Symonds conducting the grading assisted by Mr Da Silva, Mr Ayman and Miss Wilson. During the 3 hour test the candidates performed patterns, kicking combinations, step sparring, self defence, 2v1 sparring, free sparring, theory and power test. Well done to all those who took part and congratulation to those who have been promoted.

On Sunday 9th October 25 members of TOTAL TKD came along to York House School to train with Sparring World champion Zak Espi and European Pattern medalist Carly Wilson.


Mr Espi took the members through sparring drills giving an insight into the level required in being an elite fighter. After this, Miss Wilson then took the students through some patterns, helping the members to understand the finer details of how to become a patterns competitor, covering a wide variety of drills and exercises. It was great to see a few England members at the session coach Piotr Capaja, Abi and Katie Wawman, Laura Jones and Nathan Smith (former National team member). It was a great session enjoyed by all.

On Saturday October 9th, senior members of TOTAL TKD came to Croxley Taekwon-Do school. Mr Ayman and Miss Chhokar were testing for 4th degree while Miss Wilson was pre-testing for 5th degree.


The grading covered patterns, self defence, sparring, step sparring, breaking and theory. After just over 2 hours of testing I am pleased to announce the promotion of Miss Chhokar and Mr Ayman to 4th degree. Good luck to Miss Wilson on your 5th degree grading later this year.