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TOTAL TKD was established in 1994 by Master Nick Symonds and it is affiliated to ITF England and the International Taekwon-Do Federation (ITF). The first club was opened in Southgate.

Since 2001 TOTAL TKD has expanded to have 10 instructors with numerous schools across three counties. We have schools across North London, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

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Master Nick Symonds, 7th Degree

Nick Symonds is the founder of TOTAL TKD and a full time instructor at the Southgate and Croxley Green Taekwon-Do schools.

Master Symonds has practiced Tae Kwon-Do since 1989 and gained his 1st degree in 1993 under the instruction of Master Nardizzi. He was then selected by Master John Taylor to represent Great Britain at the 1995 European Championships and since then he has gone on to attend 13 European Championships, 2 European Cups and 2 World Championships. Master Symonds has won numerous National championships and over 20 World, European and International medals while representing and Captaining the ITF National Team from 1995 to 2010 under Master Gary Miller, Master Andrew Whitley and Master Thomas Denis.

Master Symonds achievements:

  • 1995 European 1st degree Patterns bronze medalist (Germany)
  • 1996 European Cup Team Champions (Poland)
  • 1998 European 2nd degree Patterns bronze medalist (Greece)
  • 2000 European Team Sparring Silver medalist (Scotland)
  • 2000 European Team Power silver medalist (Scotland)
  • 2001 European Champion 3rd degree Patterns (Spain)
  • 2004 European Team Patterns Silver medalist (Finland)
  • 2005 European Team Patterns Champions (Italy)
  • 2005 European 4th degree Patterns bronze medalist (Italy)
  • 2005 World Team Power Champions (Germany)
  • 2008 European Team Power Silver medalist (Poland)
  • 2009 European Team Power Champions (Spain)

Master Symonds established TOTAL TKD in 1994 with his first club opening in Southgate. In 2001 Master Symonds opened up the Croxley Green Taekwon-Do school and began teaching Taekwon-Do in many Primary and Secondary school in and around Hertfordshire.

In 2007 to present, Master Symonds has served as a Director of ITF England. He was elected as the ITF England Technical Director in 2007, and in 2009 he was elected as ITF England Umpire and Tournament Director.